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10 advantages of drinking Sake

Just like Westerners recognize some advantages of drinking wine, the advantages of drinking sake are also widely recognized among Japanese.
Here let us introduce you to "10 Advantages of Drinking Sake". They appear in traditional theatrical art called "Kyogen", which has been played since Muromachi era. (Muromachi era...1336-1573)

  1. Sake can be a friend when you are alone
  2. It means sake accompanies you when you would like to enjoy quiet time, viewing seasonal flowers and birds, and "feel the air", so to speak.
    Also it cheers you up when you are lonely.

  3. When having company, it makes everyone close
  4. Sake lowers the guard, and helps people have easier communication.

  5. Sake gets rid of barriers between high & low
  6. Similar to #2, sake helps communication between hierarchy.

  7. Suitable for a gift
  8. It's always nice to take a bottle as a gift for special occasions or visiting someone.

  9. Makes friends when traveling
  10. It could be nice to have a glass or two, and say cheers with a stranger.

  11. Lets you live longer
  12. A good stress release leads you to longevity.

  13. Worth a hundred medicine
  14. It doesn't mean you can drink a hundred cups to cure your sickness, folks!
    Since sake helps blood circulation, improves appetite and energize you, it's good for health...if you drink it modestly.

  15. Sweeps up the blues
  16. Sake cheers you up. Also it creates a happy, fun atmosphere.

  17. Helps recover from fatigue
  18. Again, better blood circulation does the trick!

  19. Becomes your coat when it's cold
  20. Just like wearing an extra layer...especially "warmed sake" is a perfect friend to warm you up. Even more true in old days when there was no heater.

Of course these are true when you drink an appropriate amount.
We consider that sake is not just an alcoholic drink, but it's a communication tool, and it has a lot of cultural meaning.
Muromachi era (1336-1573) was when Nobles' culture and samurai's culture started mixing, and simple style was more popular than gorgeous one.
Kyogen is the theatrical art, which is known to be comical, and it was played between Noh. Noh is also a form of theatrical art, which actors use masks in, and everything is expressed with body movements.