SEMPUKU-Sempuku Sake Brewery MIYAKEHONTEN Co.Ltd.

There is a lot to see and enjoy at Sempuku.

Sake-Kobo Seseragi~ factory tour of the production process ~

Exhibiting proof of safety and security. The product factory Sake-Kobo Seseragi offers tours.

Sake-Kobo Seseragi is an HACCP-compatible product factory built on the concept of safety and security. It has the Chugoku Region's first sake brewing plant tour route where the entire process of making finished products can be seen at a glance from the passageway, from filling the sake, to labeling and boxing. The tour also features hands-on experience of Sempuku history in the Seseragi Hall.

ISO certification of security

Sempuku's quality assurance policy is a devotion to "Quality First" to provide the quality needed to obtain the customers' trust and satisfaction. With every employee conscious of "100% Customer Satisfaction", in November 2001 we obtained ISO9001 certification. Every day, we are committed to quality control.

Sake Kobo Seseragi tours

7-9-10 Hondori, Kure City, Hiroshima 737-0045
Phone: +81-823-22-1029 (weekdays),
+81-823-22-3838 (weekends and national holidays - direct line to Miyakeya Shōten)

Tours are offered between 10:30am and 3:30pm (about one hour)
Free of charge.
on Tuesdays and during Obon and New Years holidays.

Gallery Miyakeya Shōten~ a combined shop and gallery ~

Gallery Miyakeya Shōten is Sempuku's antennae shop that was built as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations. The combined shop and gallery is filled with retro exhibits from the Showa Era (1926 ~ 1989) and sells original goods and sweets in addition to Sempuku sakes. There is also a tasting corner where you can enjoy the different flavors of Daiginjo (Japanese sake made from highly polished rice with additional brewing), Junmaishu (Japanese sake made from polished rice), and at time, newly brewed sake.

7-7-1 Hondori, Kure City, Hiroshima 737-0045
Phone: +81-823-22-3838

on Tuesdays and during Obon and New Years holidays (may be temporarily closed other days)

Sempuku no Kura~ precious sake breweries giving birth to Sempuku that has evolved with the ages ~

  • Gohōgura
    National New Sake Awards Gold recipient.

    The present Gohōgura is the second generation and was completed in 2001 as a Ginjo brewery with great respect to sanitation and the environment. It is an honorable brewery that has received gold medals at the National New Sake Awards over consecutive years.

  • Azuma-Gura
    Where Sempuku's leading products are brewed.

    Build in 1988, this environment and labor friendly brewery is a golden award winner with a capacity of producing up to 18,000 liters of sake per day. 80% of our leading Sempuku brand is brewed here.